About VITA X

The miraculous natural medicine which the nature has given to us.

When the natural harmony in our body gets disturbed, we tend to get sick.

"All sickness, accidents and the circumstances which bring harm to human beings is due to the fact, that we break the law of the nature, and that we live with a wrong life

style. Therefore, the true fundamental rule for the true healing for the body, the mind and the soul is to live a healthy life and to have a healthy mind which obeys the law of

the nature. In other words, human beings should always return to the law of the nature in their life style and way of thinking."

"What we think and what we eat, is what makes our body and mind." 288-38

VITA X maintains the harmony with the nature.

Human beings surely can recover from sicknesses by increasing their natural healing power. You can also use this natural healing power.

It is not easy to cure chronic diseases in a short period of time, as the body has collected all sorts of wastes inside and has made the body condition worse and worse for a

long period of time. Therefore, it is recommended to take VITA X for 3 - 5 years, so that the reduced functions in the internal organs can get cured completely.

It is the best for us to live a life according to the law of the nature in order to keep our body healthy and increase our natural healing power.

Eat and think healthy, increase the natural healing power, and obey the law of the nature; these are the three fundamental rules for a healthy and a long life. When you keep

the rules, then the nature itself will protect your body.

You can have a try.

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VITA X is named by Doctor Mitsubayashi who got shocked by the result of the experiments on animals and of the clinical demonstration with pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Vita is for vitality, and X is for the unknown future substance.

Hepatitis virus examination has been done thoroughly , and placentas are sterilized by heating at 90C_ in order not to have AIDS virus mixed into them.

You do not have to worry about it.


Placenta is a French word.

In short, VITA X gives energy to the tired organs, reforms the body condition and helps to make a healthy body.

VITA X helps increase the natural healing power and cures the weak body which has already been attacked by sickness or is easy to get sick.

The main ingredients are: amino acid

protein, fat, sugar - the 3 most important and nutritive enzymes

vitamin, mineral - inevitable substances for human beings to live

VITA X contains these important substances richly and in a well-balanced way.

VITA X is effective for the diseases which the modern medical finds it hard to cure such as: allergy, blood diseases, women's diseases and other lifestyle-related diseases.

The examples of the effect:

The allergy, which could not be cured in different attempts before, has now been cured.

The nasty pimples which used to keep coming have now got much better.

The consumed alcohol does not stay in the stomach for a long time.

I was not able to get pregnant before, but now I can.

My body was so weak that I was not sure if I could hold on to my pregnancy, however, I managed to give birth without any difficulties.

The marvelous functions which placenta gives to the baby are:

Breathing function (the role of lungs and skin respiration)

Digestion and absorption function (the gastroenteric role)

Metabolic function (the hepatic role)

Excretory process function (the role of kidney, large intestine, lungs and skin)

Internal secretion function (the role of pituitary glands, ovary and spermary)

The function for making immunity and antibody

The function for preventing from getting cancer and aging.

VITA X is confirmed and represents a medicine made of placentas of human beings.

The growth factors seen in placenta are regarded as important factors. They encourage other cells to transform as it is seen in the picture.

A dry placenta. The left side was stuck with the baby, and the right side placenta was stuck on the womb.

A placenta medicine was introduced to the Western Europe by Hippocrates (Greece) already in BC. 4. It is said that later on the medicine was used for the treatment for

infertility, cerebral apoplexy, epilepsy in the middle Europe.

In China the placenta medicine was called " Shikasha" in the botanical list. It was used for a beauty clinic, as a tonic medicine and as a revival medicine of the terminal

symptoms. It is said that Yang-kuei-fei was particularly in favor of the medicine.

In Japan placenta medicine was used as a revival medicine in the old days. As the remaining custom from the times, the Japanese mothers still have a custom of keeping their

babies' umbilical cord. In the samurai age, they kept their own umbilical cord in their bag and used it as a medicine, when their life was in the critical condition.

In the modern medical science Dr. Filatov in the old Soviet Union used a frozen placenta for the treatment for the frostbite in 1933. He succeeded in curing the frostbite

without leaving any keloid. He received the Lenin Prize.

In 1982 Dr. Kada made a statement from Japan National Genetic Laboratory that the extract from the placenta maintains the genetic DNA inside the cell which has been

destroyed by radiation.

Akita University medical department has recently discovered that " carhobinjin" which can be found only in placenta, is strong against high temperature and has an

anticoagulation function. A big expectation is gathered on "carhobinjin" especially for the treatment for cerebral thrombosis and myocardial infarction.

In relation to the function that placenta medicine increases immunity in the body, Okayama University medical department has now proved thus: By placenta extract (VITA X)

increasing the production of immunity such as inter-loykin-1 or inter-loykin-2, T-cells activity gets more active, and at the same time the production of immunity such as IgG

and IgM, which are made of B-cells, increases.

It is also confirmed that placenta activates Macropharge function which digests antigens.